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The #1 Home Healthcare Marketing and Sales Training Expert in the Country

Special Benefits:

  • I personally do all on-site evaluating and marketing/sales training. No associates or trainees will stand in for me.
  • I design and deliver a personalized, customized solution for your marketing and sales strategies. It’s cost effective, results driven and designed especially for you, developed to integrate with your goals, and its focus is to significantly grow your market share and revenue.
  • I never screen my calls. In the remote chance that you have to leave a message, you can be assured that your call will be returned within 2 to 4 hours.

Thinking that you can market and sell your services in the same manner you have in the past, and expect a better outcome, you are mistaken; to be competitive and grow you need excellent training from the best in the business Ivan Fox.

These step-by-step strategies are rich and to the point, but more importantly, they’re filled with huge golden chucks of information. Once you begin to use these proven, time tested methods, you will immediately see a surge in referrals.

If you are absolutely serious and committed about becoming successful, moving forward and growing your business in this very competitive landscape, then you must build powerful, mind-blowing marketing and sales strategies using our cutting-edge tools. Once you glean these tools you will instantly begin to capture market share.

These techniques will allow you to rise above your competition and develop the number one sales force in your area. You can do this; effortlessly one step at a time.

This transformation will last a lifetime and will forever shape your rate of referrals. If you don’t move forward quickly with these new marketing/sales strategies, you will be losing market share to your competitors each and every day.

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Nobody can train you better than The Sales Performance Expert Ivan Fox.

Picture yourself having a highly trained and motivated sales team in your marketplace. Think what that would mean to you in terms of monetary gain and success. Taking action now or not is purely your choice.