At Least 14 Different Million Dollar Marketing/ Sales Strategies Before The End of The Year

Designing Brochures

If you do this right, your brochure won’t go into the trash along with everyone else’s.

Can you imagine how much marketing material a referral source receives in a week, every week?

Our job is to keep your material from going into the trash and kept on their desk.

When you’re preparing a brochure, do some of the following.

Brochures don’t have to be a 8½ X 11 tri folded.

Determine your market for the brochure; is it for physician practices, discharge planners or is for patients. Physician practices are much different from potential patients; design a brochure for each one. Physician practices and discharge planners know what home health care or hospice is and what it’s for, potential patients don’t.

Now do some homework. Acquire five or 6 brochures from your competitors. Read and study each one carefully, after you have read three or four of them, you’ll notice that they all are starting to look about the same.

Make your brochure unique; differentiate yourself from your competitors.

What’s your mission statement; do you and your staff have it memorized, is it ten words or less (it should be)? This is what differentiates you from everyone else.  What is it that makes you unique? Your marketers should be selling your mission statement. When someone asks you or your marketer what differentiates you from everyone else or what makes you unique. You and your marketer need to reply what that is and it should be your mission statement.

Every program you have should have a brochure. I personally liked handouts they’re inexpensive and easy to make. Card stock 8 ½ X 11 gloss on the front and matte on the back, cut into 1/3’s. You should have your logo, description of your program and contact info on the front, and more details on back. MUST be a very easy read, don’t put a lot of text on it.

I wouldn’t have your address on any marketing material. A referral source or patient may think your too far away and not refer to you. They may not think it thru, that care givers work out of their homes in the same neighborhood that their patients are in.

On the bottom left corner of the marketing material in a very small font put the date month and year MMYY for your internal use.

Only print a small run. If you have 5, 6, 10 or whatever amount of programs, your marketers need some updated materials after they have passed out the old materials.

I’ve seen many owners spend countless hours developing and editing brochures and having them all arranged very nice and pretty in a great looking, professional folder. And then having family, friends and some close referral sources look at it. They tell him it looks great, so he spends hundreds putting it into print. He has them passed out to potential referral sources. Now he waits for the phone to ring and all the referrals to start coming in. Over the next few months, only a few if any calls come in and no referrals, he wanted to know why. It was in the trash or on the bottom of a draw with everyone else’s materials on top of it.

Back in the days when Sears and Montgomery Wards sold much of its merchandise thru catalogs. Sears had a brilliant marketing strategy, he made his catalog smaller, so when people stacked them on the table the Sears catalog would be on top.

If you need some help developing a brochure or just have a question or just call and say hello.

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