Marketing and Sales Strategies

I consult with many Home Healthcare or Hospice agencies (large and small) that want to dominate their market.

As a former owner and administrator of a very successful Medicare Certified Home Health Agency (7 yrs.), I have the business, marketing and sales experience (35 plus yrs.) gained in front of referral sources, like no one else.

I have a very special and unique set of qualifications and thus gives me acumen to advise you.

Most everyone that knows me knows that I’m a very aggressive and determined marketer/ sales representative.

When marketing home healthcare, my Medicare referral rate was 65 to 85 patients per month every month from physician’s practices; this is not including what came in from discharge planners at hospitals, SNF’s etcetera. I worked over 1,000 plus practices (I saw 40 plus practices every day).I know what referral sources want and what they don’t want. I know which techniques are effective both in time and money.

When consulting with me, you’ll have Measurable Results immediately; every step of the way, you’ll know where your weak areas are and what corrective measures to take.

A. I never screen my calls. In the remote chance that you have to leave a message, you can be assured that your call will be returned shortly.

B.  I focus only on marketing and sales strategies, customer service, and accountability with results.

I personally do all on-site evaluating and marketing/sales training. And I do all of this at a very affordable and cost effective price.

Each and every one of these strategies and techniques will work for you.

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